May 26, 2019

Back again

Writing is a real struggle for me. “They” say to just write, let it flow, but I can’t help but strive for perfect punctuation, etc., and that slows everything down to a turtle’s pace. Consequently, I tend to put it off. I hear that’s quite common among those of us with ADD. I’ve been putting it off for far too long already, and I vow to do better with blogging, though I’m old school and not quite sure what blogging is exactly. How’s that for a resolution, and it’s not even New Year’s Eve when I usually make resolutions (that usually fall by the wayside.) Maybe this one will fare better. I’m taking a class in Memoir Writing, which is forcing me to write. It’s painful bringing up old memories. I’m working my way through the bad ones and trying to remember some good ones. Not much luck so far. I’m also trying to navigate my way around WordPress to update my pages. My second son was helping me put up the pages, but he’s no longer able to due to increased family responsibilities. So at 72 years old, I’m jumping in to do it myself. Wish me luck!
January 24, 2017

Some Thoughts About Art

Art is so good for the soul and the psyche.  It’s a way of working out problems and finding solutions to puzzles we don’t even know we have.

I think everyone should try art-making, but not necessarily with a specific product in mind. It’s the process that’s really important, and the ability to play creatively is essential. Art can be very cathartic.

That is why children’s artwork is so amazing, and that’s why children need art. Think about it. Not only does if develop fine and gross motor skills, but it’s the only thing in a young child’s life over which she has absolute control. She can take a pencil or crayon and cover paper with anything she wants. She can create her own world. That’s empowering!