Bachelor of Fine Arts – Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

Affiliations: Greater Lansing Potters’ Guild, Mason Area Art Guild, Mid-Michigan Art Guild, Seven Islands Art Guild, Working Women Artists

Like many other artists, I frequently struggle with self doubt, but when I immerse myself in art-making, I can forget how inadequate I feel and just experience the joys of creating. It is a “Zone” of ecstasy, experimenting, discovering, playing, refreshing my spirit.

Most of the time I work with clay, but painting, printmaking, and mixing mediums call to me like sirens from time to time. Each medium has different challenges and joys of process, and going from one to another keeps things fresh for me.

I’ve taken classes and workshops with some wonderful artists: Mark Chatterley, Mary Ann Beckwith, Mark Mehaffey, Doug DeLind, and Barbara Hranilovich, to name only a few. It’s exciting to see different approaches to Art and art-making.

That’s the great thing about art – there’s always something new to discover! I hope you will join me in my continuing journey.